Our Story

MI Psychiatry in Auburn Hills was started by two friends, Dr. Hany Mekhael MD and Michael Fahmy, DPT, OMPT. Dr. Mekhael is a very well-known Psychiatrist who holds the position of Chief Medical Officer at Havenwyck Hospital and Beaumont Psychiatric Hospital. He brings over 20 years of experience in Psychiatry to our company.

Michael Fahmy is a successful businessman that holds a doctorate degree in Physical Therapy and owns a successful Physical Therapy company with multiple clinics in Southeast Michigan. They both saw the need for more mental health clinics that provide a high quality of care to their patients.

Dr. Mekhael hand-picked our medical providers and works with them side by side to deliver the top quality of care to all of the patients while Michael works on all of the administrative tasks to ensure proper billing and services rendered to achieve full patient satisfaction. Combining both expertise together is a recipe for the success of our company.